Why Start a Blog | 10 Reasons, Why You Should Not Try Blogging before reading this.

You think I am here to discourage you when the question in your mind is- Why Start a Blog?  but believe me, I am here to tell you the facts. Today I will discuss 10 things, that a blogger should not start a blog without knowing these.

There are lots of people out there who want to be a pro blogger. Their first intention is to make a huge money from the blog they wanna start. They start with a race to be a blogger without knowing what is blogging in detail. So, my suggestion is before chasing behind revenue, know all the details about both technical and theoretical parts of blogging, then you will gradually become a good blogger and you won’t have to run behind revenue, it will be automatically generated from your smart blog. So, let’s start with the ten points-

1. Be Patient and Don’t Expect Results Overnight – This is the most common factor seen in most newbies. As a result, they just face a tremendous failure and find some excuses to console themselves. So, don’t start a blog until you become highly patient and be focused on what you are doing. Increase the quality of writing in every new post. Give your best and never lose your hope. Results will be seen then.

2. Never Ignore Your Readers – A fact is seen in some bloggers that they just ignore their readers. Remember one thing you will earn from your blog only because of their readers. So, if you ignore your readers, it will leave a highly negative effect on the mind of readers. So, try to respond to comments, demands of the readers as most as possible. Never be over-smart to them or never pretend to be the smartest. So don’t post or comment in such a manner. Just remember the blog is here because of your reader not because of you.

3. Never Copy Content From Another Blogs – I am sure that every blogger out there, writes their life’s first post by copying content from other blogs. But that is the biggest mistake ever for a blogger. Yes, your post might be inspired by other sites but should never be copied. You can use some premium writing tools like Grammarly, which will help you write a Plagiarism Free content. Don’t worry about investment as it will give you a better result in return. You can also create a free account and use the free version of Grammarly, which is also useful.

4. Promoting Your Blog Matters a Lot – As I said in 3rd part that to grow big you must invest some money. The same thing matters in case of promoting your blog. No, I am not at all asking you to set up a shop by the roadside. All I am asking to invest some money to promote your new blog to achieve your goal fast. You can wait for organic traffic but at first, let some people know about your blog. Share post wherever you can like social media or other advertising platforms, but keep in mind excessive sharing can cause low traffic. So keep that at a normal rate.

5. Be Regular and Disciplined – This is the most important part for a blogger to rank high. You have to be strictly regular. Post in a regular way like daily, 2 posts per week, or 1 post per week whichever you can choose. But maintain the ratio. This gives your readers a high level of satisfaction and positive thought about you.

6. Never Imitate Other Blogger – This point hears quite similar to point no.3 but as I said not to copy another blog posts, in the same way as a blogging personal you should never try to imitate other blogger styles. Be yourself, your content writing styles should come from your own, that gives your blog a unique impression.

7. Give Your Most of Time for Researching – Researching is very, very important to make your blog posts high quality. Because maybe you are a bit weak in the language you write, you can correct them with lots of tools, but if you don’t have enough knowledge on the topic, you can never write an excellent blog post. So, collect a vast knowledge then express them through writing.

8. Never be lazy to SEO – SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which plays the ultimate role to rank your website or blog in search engines. So be serious about SEO. Do keyword research before posting a new article. You can also use various tools for the same Like- Semrush, Long Tail Pro, KW Finder for better results. Don’t be lazy about SEO because it can ruin your blog ranking.

9. Make Your Blog User Friendly –  Although blogging is all about posts but at the same time your site’s speed and design also matters. Make sure that your site loads faster and contains a user-friendly navigation so that your reader can find everything easily on your site.

10. Never Criticize Others in Your Blog – You should never criticize others in your blog. Many people think that it’s a shortcut to get a high amount of traffic to your site, it may be true but believe me, this is a way of short-run. Because by doing this you will get a high level of enemies, that will gradually kill your blog.

Conclusion – The above points are not the ultimate key to success, there are lots of other facts you should learn day by day. These points are the essential steps what we need to know before starting a blog to start a wonderful career in blogging. If you can’t follow these these steps then why start a blog? Because the behind the question- Should I start a blog?” is simple but the answer to How to a good blogger is very tough.

 That’s all for today see you in the next post of Super Blog Tips.

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