How to Choose The Best Web Hosting Service | Popular 10 Web Hosting

How to Choose The Best Web Hosting Service | Popular 10 Web Hosting Suggestions

“How to Choose the Best Web Hosting”, How to Choose a Web Hosting”, “Why does my website don’t display images?” “Why are the changes I made on my website, not on display?” and “Why do I see the ‘Coming Soon’ page even after uploading my website?” During the latest interview with some people managing their business websites and blogs, they made these inquiries.

These are common problems faced by website holders, especially the newbies. However, in this article, you will get all the possible questions you might have, answered. You will also get to learn:
1. How to solve problems with slow website loading speed.
2. How to overcome website insecurity.
3. How to fix unresponsive customer support.
4. How to come up with a flexible hosting plan.

Are you after website traffic and SEO rankings? Let’s dive in!

What is a Web Hosting Service?

Web Hosting Service is a type of service or space available on the internet, where an individual or an organization can easily place or store or host their website or applications to be accessible from everywhere over the internet. In a nutshell, if we want users to use our websites or get access to our websites, then we have to place our website on the server.

You can make your own web server and make it online but then there is a lot of hassle to maintain its online status, security, technical issues and etc etc. That’s why we should buy hosting and leave the hassles to their professionals in exchange for a little amount of money.

One should pay for web hosting for security purposes, high bandwidth, professional emails, multiple subdomains, and 24*7 technical support.

Read the full article to know how to choose the best web hosting service. Because only you have to make a wise decision as to it’s about your career and passion.

What Is the Best Web Hosting Service?

Usually, many of us get confused thinking that “how to choose the best web hosting service?”. There are so many web hosting services available in the market; which one to use and which one not to use? What is the best web hosting service for small businesses? Which is the best web hosting for beginners? And is there cheap web hosting? etc.

So to know in detail about different web hosting services that will help beginners, advanced developers, individuals or organizations also, I have compiled a detailed comparison between the services.

how to choose the best web hosting

If you are a beginner or using web hosting for the very first time, then a shared web hosting service is the best choice for you. If you are starting your business and don’t want to spend much on hosting, you can choose this web service. One of the best hosting services for startups.

In shared web hosting, one’s website is hosted with other websites on the same servers. The features are limited here. The main benefit of this type of service is cost-effectiveness. The cost of hosting is shared between various users as there is more than one website hosted on the same server. So it is beginner-friendly.

The most significant disadvantage is one has to share the server with others. So if anyhow there is high traffic on any of the websites, it will slow down all other websites on that same server. So there is a chance of a harmful effect on the performance of your website. Limited storage and bandwidth.

The price ranges from $4 to $10 per month.

2. Dedicated Web Hosting Service

If you are an advanced user or have experience with hosting, then you can choose this service. If your website is experiencing high traffic or you know your business should have high traffic in the future, then you can choose this server hosting.

These types of services are one server one website. Don’t need to worry about slowing down the website. You will be the only owner of the server. Here you will have complete control of the server. You can use it anyhow you want. You will get more flexibility and features in this hosting. Dedicated server hosting services are more secure than shared hosting.

But it is more costly than shared hosting. One should have good knowledge of handling hosting servers. Otherwise, it will be difficult for someone using this for the first time to manage the website on this server. You have to control every operation and maintain it daily. 

This service costs $80 to $500 per month. But the price varies based on the specifications required for the website.
How to choose the best web hosting service

3. VPS Web Hosting Service

VPS or Virtual Private Server is also known as Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS). In a word, VPS is the combination of both share and dedicated server hosting services. Server Provider divides the server resources into several virtual servers, which are allocated to the customers so that it doesn’t affect the original underlying hardware. 

So it appears to be a dedicated type of server that is serving multiple websites. So VPS is said to be the bridge between dedicated and shared hosting servers. Anyone who wants to start their business or website soon and has sufficient knowledge about how to handle and manage the hosting on a daily basis can take a chance to host their website on a VPS server. 

It’s less costly compared to dedicated servers. VPS servers are more flexible and much controllable compared to dedicated servers. As it is a virtual server so you can easily make changes to the server without disturbing other websites.

Price ranges from $20 to $100 per month.

4. Cloud Hosting Service

Cloud hosting is one of the most used famous hosting services nowadays. Cloud hosting has made hosting technology very easy. It provides virtual service to the customers from the service provider side.

Various architecture and protocols are used to send requests and receive responses between the customer and the service provider. Everything is virtual in cloud hosting; nothing is physical. Virtualization and SOAP or REST Protocols are the main concepts of these hosting.

This type of hosting increases the delivery speed, and it is high scalability. Usually, service providers have their cloud servers in various places all around the world. So mainly services are provided from the server which is close to the customer.

If by any means the current server gets damaged or slows down, then customers are provided with the next server that is close to the current server so that it doesn’t affect the website and traffic flow into the website.

There is a various service provider that provides cloud hosting servers. The most used is AWS. The main advantage is you have to pay for the service you want. You don’t require to pay more or extra.

Pay according to your needs and usage. If suddenly you required more significant resources, then it can be easily scaled. If any day, if your website gets more traffic, then the hosting plan can accommodate the surge of traffic.

Those having shared hosting for some time and whose business is growing well and getting high traffic in their website can shift their website from shared hosting to cloud web-based hosting. Cloud hosting provides unlimited domains, high disk space, and reliable bandwidth.

As cloud hosting is decentralized, natural disasters or power disruption can’t affect cloud-hosted services. One should have good knowledge about cloud computing and process how it works because it is a much more complex process to set up.
How to choose the best web hosting service

5. Managed WordPress Hosting Service

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform around the world, Where you can create your website easily without any knowledge of coding. It is a web-building platform. Many service providers are offering to host based on WordPress websites.

Where you can keep your WordPress website updated. It will protect your site from hackers. It is a little bit expensive than shared hosting. One with their WordPress website can use this hosting easily. It is specially made of WordPress platforms. These servers are optimizable so you don’t need to worry during high traffic.

6. Cluster Web Hosting Service

In cluster web hosting, customers’ websites are hosted on various cluster sites. As a result, during high traffic, your site will not slow down and performance will be high as multiple servers are connected to each of the front-end servers so it provides more space when a customer needs it.

Due to its maintained hardware and high bandwidth, clients receive high performance. So Cluster web hosting service is the perfect solution for creating scalable web hosting solutions.

Cluster web services cost very high, and they require perfect hardware and design.

7. Reseller Web Hosting Service

In these types of hosting client becomes web hosts themselves. It is a hosting where the account owner can use the hard drive space or bandwidth to host a website on the behalf of a third party.

In this case the original owner of the hosting account act as a reseller. This hosting is very beneficial when the original owner of the account has excess space left from the purchased space. This extra space can be shared with a third party.

So in this instance, it worked as shared hosting. So in one-word hosting of your website while getting a source of income. At a low cost, you can earn money and also save money by providing an extra amount of disk space and bandwidth to the third party.

8. Free Web Hosting

While you are searching for How to choose the best web hosting, Free web hosting comes in the type of hosting list. and you must know about this type of web hosting service.

Free web hosting providers like ProFree Host provides their users free hosting where you will get limited facilities. Such as a limited amount of disk space, a limited amount of domains, and a subdomain. There will be no SSL certificate that is the security of your website.

You have to buy your custom domain or use the domain that free providers will provide you with no SEO ranking. and are also famous among free web hosting. But their domain name will be like or So this service is tally free.
Typically, a free service provider uses your website to ad case their services, and the income generated from that will be a divide among website holder and provider. But sometimes they deny doing so. Free Web Hosting service doesn’t have customer support for any technical issue. You have to manage the control panel and hosting by yourself.
How to choose the best web hosting service

9. Colocation Web Hosting

The last suggestable type of web hosting service is the colocation web hosting service. This means you take a rack space for rent from a data center and bring it to your server hardware. The provider only gives you the power cooling and security uplinks. 

If anyhow, the server gets damaged or hardware fails then it will be your responsibility to replace and bring back the server. So this hosting is not recommended for beginners. Those who are having many years of experience and handle all situations regarding servers and hosting only take this hosting. It is the most expensive of all types of web hosting services.

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Service as a Beginner or Advanced

Here comes the answer to “How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Service?”

Choosing an exemplary Web Hosting service is very much crucial for a beginner as well as an experienced professional businessman to host their website or blog worldwide. The main essential factors on which one should first give their preference as a beginner is their knowledge about hosting service how it works and how to manage it.

So to make a profit and at a low cost without any hassle and with the technical support they should choose the shared hosting. Shared hosting is best for beginners as it comes at a low cost. It is also shared by others so it will be helpful for them. Shared hosting is suitable for small businesses with less traffic such as for bloggers and personal portfolios. And at first, there will be no worries regarding high traffic. Security matters a lot that is the main issue with shared hosting.

Other than this one can also use free hosting with limited services. Free hosting will give you experience regarding C-Panel and database implementation and many more. After that, you can go with paid hosting services. But if anyone has little knowledge and wants to choose the best service then they should go with cloud hosting. It is effortless to scale and pay for what you want. Speedy servers with high uptime and availability. Works perfectly with high traffics and safety from server hardware issues. It is highly secured.

Now if you have already used shared hosting and know about all pros and cons and now your business is on a right track then you should go with VPS or Dedicated Server Hosting services. VPS hosting can also be used by every business firm and blogger if they want complete control of their C-Panel.

If your website is receiving high traffic and you need high performance without slowing down the site then the best choice is dedicated servers. High Bandwidth, Full technical support with High security to your data on website all facilities are available in these two types of hosting.

If you want complete control but don’t want to share your server with others then you should choose dedicated servers instead of VPS Servers. If you are experienced and have deep knowledge of how to handle servers and rack spaces then you can go with Collocate Web Hosting.

How to choose the best web hosting service.


Some popular Web Hosting Services

  1. Hostinger – Starting $0.6/M (Grab The Best Discounted Deal)
  2. BlueHost – Starting $2.75/M  (Grab The Best Discounted Deal)
  3. WP Engine – Starting $10-15/M (Grab The Best Discounted Deal)
  4. HostGator – Starting $5/M (Grab The Best Discounted Deal)
  5. WPX Hosting – Starting $24/M
  6. SiteGround – Starting $6/M (Currently closing service in many countries)
  7. GoDaddy – Starting $3/m
  8. AWS Cloud Hosting
  9. Google Cloud
  10. Microsoft Azure

Recommended Hosting Services for all users

If you are a beginner level or a developer, then you can go for ProFreeHost which will give you free usage of C-Panel but without an SSL certificate.

Later you can shift to Hostinger. Hostinger is profitable, Extremely easy to use, and Manage, and customer services are the best.

If you want to start your business, then you can go with Hostinger or BlueHost Cloud hosting, or VPS Hosting.

If you have someone to manage to host, or If you are an experienced technical person, then choose AWS clouding or Microsoft Azure. BlueHost has high pricing, so if you have already settled your business and have high traffic, then you can choose it. Hostinger is recommended.


How to choose the best web hosting service? So, before choosing a web-hosting service for beginners or experienced, one should check the available bandwidth, security, technical support, scalability, and price. If all these suit your requirements and can handle your website traffic, then choose the right one.

And most of all – You should have a great mind setup before starting a new blog or a website. So read this article before you start your website journey. Click Here.

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